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Xplorer is released.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … YScU8WRVak


New features:
- Windows 8 support.
- Drag and drop support for single patch SysEx files.
- Enhanced single patch data detection in SysEx files.
- Extract single patches from an "all data data dump" SysEx file into a given folder.
- Get all single patches from synthesizer into a given folder.
- All data dump request backup and restore (save and restore synthesizer whole memory to/from a sysex file)
- MIDI status is now displayed as 3 leds under the VFD Display.
- “Smart all not off” mode to reduce stuck notes when changing patch.
- Links to website added to help menu.

Bug fixes:
- A modified single patch name is now saved correctly when a store (F10) command is sent to synthesizer
- Rename patch dialog does not warn anymore on bad patch name when the Cancel button is clicked
- Settings window now shows correctly when system font size is 125%
- Settings/User interface: The color dialog now shows the custom knob color as the default custom color when opened

The download link is the same as the previous version. This link is in the email you received when you bought your Xplorer license.
You must uninstall the previous version before installing the new one. You will not loose your settings.


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