An editor for the Oberheim Xpander and Matrix-12 synthesizers. That works.
Xplorer is a real-time and bi-directional software editor for the Oberheim Matrix-12 and Xpander synthesizers.

Xplorer is not just another generic synthesizer editor with ranges of slider controls that are all the same and don’t really tell you what you are doing.
Xplorer was developed by an Xpander owner for use by Xpander and Matrix-12 owners. With Xplorer you quickly get an overview of all parameters of a single patch, including an overview of the Modulation Matrix.

With Xplorer you can tweak the sound simultaneously using a computer mouse, a hardware MIDI controller, your DAW software, or directly on your Xpander or Matrix-12. Use the method you prefer to change the sound. Xplorer’s display shows you in real-time which parameter is currently being modified.

“Real-time and bi-directional” means that every change you make in Xplorer is reflected into the synthesizer memory with minimal latency, and vice-versa. Whether you change the sound parameters on the synthesizer, in Xplorer, or with a MIDI controller, the software and the synthesizer will simultaneously update the parameters of the sound, without needing to reload the patch into the synthesizer memory.

The main features of Xplorer are:

  • Single patch tone file load/save on disk
  • Extract single patches from an “all data data dump” SysEx file into a given folder
  • Get all single patches from synthesizer into a given folder.
  • All data dump request backup and restore (save and restore synthesizer whole memory to/from a sysex file)
  • Modification of the 226 parameters of a single patch
  • Real-time MIDI automation for all parameters with freely assignable control changes, even for filter modes (except Modulation Matrix)
  • Copy/paste page for TRACK, ENV, LFO, and RAMP pages (e.g., you can copy all ENV1 page parameters and paste them to ENV3)
  • Rename patch, go to patch, store patch, save patch to disk
  • Real-time update of all parameters when the user tweaks the synthesizer knobs (dual editing can be done without needing to reload the patch and resynchronize the synthesizer and the PC as most editors need to do)
  • Patch randomizer (generates a new patch from random values)
  • Auto-sized user interface depending on system’s default font size
  • …and more to come in the next releases.